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5th Annual Lighthouse Derby

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                     5th Annual Lighthouse Derby

August 9 2013 from 12:01 am til 2:30 pm
Cayuga Lake
80% Payback


Entry Fee:: $25 for 16 and up
You can not win the Grand prize and first place. In the same division.

One win per Division
Kids 15 and under FREE (non monetary prizes only, Must register)

Division A (Lake Trout only) Division B (Browns,Rainbows and Salmon)
 Top 5 places                         Top 5 places

Minimum Length 24†              Minimum Length 18â€
All persons in boat must be registered.
All N.Y.S. rules apply
Any foreign objects found in fish will result in Disqualifaction with no Refund
Decision of Rules committee Final
Weigh in at Myers Park Bandstand 3:00 pm (MUST BE IN LINE)
Awards at 3:30  pm
Entries must be received by August 8 2013  (snail mail)

This derby will be held in conjunction with the Lansing Community Day 
At Myers Park .

Entries can be mailed to:: Lansing Community Council
P.O. Box 255
Lansing , N.Y. 14882
Entries can also be dropped of at Myers Park Site # 19 on Aug 09 2013

or Bear's Bait & Tackle in Myer's Park
Either mailed or dropped off::
Lansing Parks and Recreation Department
29 Auburn Rd. PO Box 186 Lansing , NY 14882



Age (For Kids entry)_______


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Guys this is a great event, we did it last year. They really cater to the anglers with a DJ anouncing the winners and handing out prizes. Also, bring the family, the events for the kids are nice and the food boths beat the PB&J we eat on the boat.

I'm in

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Weigh-in will start at 3pm no fish will be weighed until then. Fish will be weighed at the
Bandstand and announced over the Pa or Radio. So be prompt guys, you must be in line by 3pm. I know the entry says you can fish til 3 but the weigh-in also says be there by 3pm. We want everyone who has fish to weigh to be in line by 3pm. If your coming to the park with a trailered boat you'll be shown where to park close to the Bandstand.
Any questions feel free to give me a call.

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Scott, Any chance we could have someone at the launch to keep one lane open at the ramp for people coming in? The reason I normaly do not launch at Meyers is because of the pleasure boaters that have no idea how to be courteous. 30 fisherman can launch in 1 hour but 2 pleasure boaters can tie that same launch up for that long or longer. They could use a sign to instruct them on the obviouse like: stage boat before pulling to ramp, Do not tie boat up in loading ramp, Do not work on boat in ramp, ect. I would be willing to help fund such a sign. Any guys that do safe boating course this should be part of it. Wes

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The guys fishing will not have a problem at the launch, I'll be there early in the AM and at 1pm when they start coming back in. At the latest 1:30 PM as we are not weighing any fish till 3pm at the bandstand. When you get to the launch you'll be directed to a parking spot for the participants only, no need to tear down at the launch you'll be able to get to the spot with rods in the holders, tear down there and get ready to weigh-in.


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Do I need registration in hand or is it ok to just be registered?

I live 1.5 hours away...

I see that I have to register in person or mail...is there no way to register online?

If I put in at Long Point and drive boat to Myers with a fish...

Is there a place to moor? or anchor and wade into shore??

I may be fishing alone.. so it is a tad harder w the logistics...

I work 24 hrs (until 8am That morning, then it takes a couple hrs to get there)

If I am up all night...I'd prolly be too tired to even go..

and would forfit the entry fee..



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Be careful Scott I've seen stuff like that come back and bite people. Got myself and crew all signed up. How many people do you have in? Are we going to talk on the radios so that we can release any fish that don't have a chance of placing? Or do we just bring in what we get and sort it out at weigh in? I have not been on the water in a few weeks and not sure yet which end of the lake to fish. Might play with the sailboats and see how many run over my copper :devil: Wes

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