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Opinions wanted before I pull the trigger....UPDATE

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Dear FishTails....Rod,

That really has a distinctive good looking profile. You have done a great job. Enjoy the limelight & the oohhhs & Ahhh's from your fishing friends. You have actually improved the profile of a Searay HT. The boat will ride better w/o the bridge and should catch more fish!!! And you won't knock yourself out on the top!!!

.....Respectfully submitted....Ex-Jet Boat Bill

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  • 4 months later...

My last update....Finally :clap: I found a few days to get working on the top again and finally finished it up. Lord...I don't know how

many hours it took to complete and I'm pretty sure I would never do a project like this again :lol:

Anyhow...I'm pleased with how it came out. Five more weeks and she'll finally be fishing again :yes:


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