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Fishing Report






Time on Water:

Weather/Temp:colder windy

Wind Speed/Direction:15-20 NW

Waves: 2-4 probably

Surface Temp: 53-57






Total Hits: 4

Total Boated:3

Species Breakdown:kings and atlantic

Hot Lure: stinger sea sick

Trolling Speed: 2.6

Down Speed: 2.0

Boat Depth: 80-280

Lure Depth: 35-90




Well the weather man that i looked at did not do such a good job at predicting the weather sunday so we made a long trip from oswego just to find some big waves that made fishing a little on the tricky side in my 19ft gls but we made the best of a bad day landing two small skippy kings and a really nice atlantic i never got a weight on it but i woudl guess around 12-14lbs he put on a really great show jumping 5 or 6 times before we got him to the boat and idk how we did that with him jumping that much haha... lost one other nice king that started to make a run and the hook popped about 10 seconds into the fight...all the fish came on the same spoon stingray sea sick down 60' rigger we might have been able to get a few more cause i did not put that spoon out till about 1.5hrs before we were planning on leaving and we caught that atlantic within 10 minutes of it being down and then hooked up with that other nice king that started ripping line about another 5 after that was reset and then reset it agian and nothing...well when i went to clear lines to go home there was a skippy that had grabbed it and not tripped it and with the waves we couldnt see the pole move so he took the hot lure outa the equations for use :lol::(wilsonatlantic.jpg

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