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My last trip to the henrietta store was really the last straw. I never had a good experience with them. The last trip I picked up three packs of soft plastics all the same exact lure with three different prices. When I got to the register they tried to charge me all three prices. I had the foresight to bring the sign with me from the shelf with the correct price as they have tried this before. Long story short i ended up walking out without any lures. I wrote the manager who took a month to answer me and then said he was sorry but they were so busy they didn't have time to look up a price. Ha, I pointed out to him there was only two people in line and I had the sign with the correct price. I further explained the receipt is date and time stamped and he could look at the video and see there was only two people in line.What a joke. In the 5 times I went there I was totally disappointed and have never went back.

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