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"Lake Fork of the North"...really?

Mark Komo

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Just seen this blip in my current issue of infisherman (right next to the bay of quinte...). Rice Lake considered Lake Fork of the North. Lots of great bass.

How about your top 5 bass lakes within a decent drive of Buffalo (3 hours or less).


Rice Lake (newly added)

Erie Buffalo

Erie Barcelona

Erie Northeast PA.

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I saw that too...but what are your other two top lakes? I only see three listed ;):D

I'm not particularly a bass head, but it seems Chautauqua might be on that list. Guys come from a couple hours outta Ohio for the nys opener every year.

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I'm not a big bass guy but I did take a charter once. Drop shots with shiners in early May nearshore Lake Erie in NE Ohio. Even a caveman can do that.

Limit of 5 weighed over 21 lbs. and they tasted great. Best tasting fish I ever had from Lake Erie. Had the biggest one mounted - 5 lbs.

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