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Opening Day Muskies

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Went to chautaugua today was the first boat on the east/west side the bite was awsome we brought home several muskies 15 at last count couldnt close the cooler by noon so we just kept dumpin the smaller dead ones everytime we got a bigger fish. many were undersized but no DEC out today due to fathers day. after we got home their was no freezer space so most ended up in the garden for fertalizer.........HEY YA said ya wanted a story .......................WHAT!!! Did I do something wrong.. :lol:

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Ok, here is a real story for ya...hope this whets your appetite for the tourney :)

Went two for three trolling yesterday. 32 and 38 in the boat. nothing huge but a nice start. All came during the first few hours after daybreak. The 3rd wasn't on long, couple head shakes and gone.

Here is the 38. This guy rolled up in the line a bit but fortunately no major damage care of the 4 ft flouro leader :yes:


Chautauqua here we come :clap:

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