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Terminating a downrigger

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Well I managed to saw off a cannon ball this weekend and it now sits and the bottom of lake Ontario in 200 fow off oak orchard. I now need to re set up the rigger. I have a few of the cannon plastic crimps but after putting one on I was reluctant to try it did not seem too secure. does anyone use the cannon crimps or is there a better way?


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I second the Cannon crimps. I have been using them on two boats for the last eight years without a problem. I have been using up to 16 pound weights with them.

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We use Klinchers - absolutely love them - secure and easy to use. See link and description below. WON"T WORK IF USING SUBTROLL !!!

They aare available locally too.

http://www.wolfsmarine.com/ww/product.a ... KLM29MC8R5

Item: W8\TT043

Klincher Cable Terminator

Wolf's Price $3.49

Retail Price: $3.94


The Klincher is a downrigger cable terminator for fast, easy, and reliable connection between your downrigger cable and cannonball. No tools are required

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