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Another great day on Mexico Bay!!

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Captain Rick Pecci Dreams Come True Charters




Date(s): Sunday June 19th

Time on Water: 5:30 to 12:30

Weather/Temp: Sunny to partly cloudy 65

Wind Speed/Direction: NE wind around 10 plus

Waves: 1 to 2's

Surface Temp: 65

Location: Mexico Bay NY





Total Hits: 17

Total Boated: 13

Species Breakdown: 2 kings, 5 Lakers, 6 Brown Trout

Hot Lure: Stinger Stingrays Gator and Metalic Frog Dream Weaver 28

Trolling Speed: 2.5 to 2.7

Down Speed: 2.5 to 2.7

Boat Depth: 50 to 80 foot

Lure Depth: 45 to 65 down including riggers, copper, lead cores and dipsys


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Just a great fishing day and a solid pick all morning. We did have one double and one tripple losing one kice King. We thru back one skippy King, one skippy Laker, one nice Laker. Seen more fish with Lamprey's on them. The Lakers are really nice and agressive! It;s great to see those fish again. Fishing is still good and I see tons, yes tons, of bait!! Holy cow this is going to be a huge King season I can smell it!! WOO HOO!! 200 and 300 coppers were good and a 7 and 10 color cores earlier in the morning. Dippys took a few on the 20lb wire. Riggers with free sliders also had there time. Hey guys lets spread the word of the great fishing that still continues this season so us Charters and your local businesses, tackle shops, lodges, restraunts and more can see some clients. I know times are tough but fishing is hot!! THINK POSITIVE


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Thanks for the report. That's where most of my productive days were spent this season as well. I have noticed a lot of charters still docked on weekends when in seasons past they would be out on the water. I'll be up the next two weekends to fish. I guess I'll just move out a little deeper as the weather warms.

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