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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:7am to 8 pm


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 1 ft or less

Surface Temp: 65-70

Location:wilson to red can





Total Hits: 35

Total Boated:20

Species Breakdown:kings,steelhead,laker,coho,atlantic

Hot Lure: green dolphin

Trolling Speed: 2.5-3.5

Down Speed: 2.2-2.5

Boat Depth: 150-330

Lure Depth: 45-70



Headed out of wilson and set up in 150 fow. 1st rigger rod fired before I could get the second in the water! Bloody death dreamweaver down 55 took a 18lb king. After that is was a slow pick of smaller fish til about noon mostly on the dreamweaver green dolphin cheater. Only 1 hit on a wire diver/white spinny but it was a screamer that never made it to the boat.

Some guys at the hotel gave us the heads up they hit a few kings at the red can so when things slowed down we made the run to the can and all the sailboats. Should've started the day over there. Set up in 330 near the canadian line and trolled south east toward the can to avoid sailboat traffic. Took 3 good shots on the wire diver/spinny combo but nothing to show for it. Set out a braid diver on the other side and started taking shots on it as well and all teenage kings. Spoons on riggers that produced all morning didn't do anything for over an hour then took a 15 lb king on a orange dreamweaver down 65. Steady pick of 15 to 20lb kings til near dark.

Surface temp was reading around 70 vs the 65 degree water we saw by wilson. Ended the day with a triple that started when we both pulled the rigger rods to leave and seconds after tripping the rods we both had a fish on. Pleasant surprise. Reeled mine in while the other proceeded to 300 400 500 550 feet behind the boat...rip the braid diver takes off to 300 400 500, now we have 2 ripping line again. 30 minutes later we had a 18 and a 19.6 pounder to finish the day.

All told the 2 of us boated 20 out of 35ish hits for the day and finally were able to land a couple of the screamers we hooked up with. A couple of bigger fish got the better of us by charging the boat and thrashing the surface. One ended up with a black spinny with white dots (if you catch it please pm me for return of lost tackle :rofl: )

Wire and braid divers were hot in the afternoon with white spinny/green/blue flies. 150 to 225 feet back on a 2 set. Best depth was around 220-240. I must say, the ATOMIK tourney flies stayed buttoned up alot better than the others we were using.

It's kinda sad to see so few boats on the water, hotels empty, and few customers for the local bait shops. Only plus side of the bad economy is there should be tons of huge kings this fall!!!




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hawkeye, glad to hear you did well out past the can. We were happy to help you get started in the right direction seeing as you only had 1 day to get out. My son and I had a blast and also noticed the lack of fishing pressure. (gas prices?). That was my Fathers day present and couldn't have spent a better day anywhere!!!!! :

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glad your are a LOU member, that gives me the chance to say thanks. hopefully we can return the favor in the near future. with the long drive we both have to the lake it sure helps to have a little "push" in the right direction.

it was refreshing to see a father and son having a good time together doing something they both enjoy. i could tell by the smiles on both of your faces you had some good "QUALITY" time together and made a few life long memories.

i try to get to the lake once a month so let me know when your headed back up and maybe i can return the favor.

good luck and tight lines.

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