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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Bahtenda




Date(s):6/18, 6/19

Time on Water:1pm-5pm, 6am-6pm


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp: 64-62, 64.5-59






Total Hits: 5 Saturday and 11 Sunday

Total Boated:3 Sat/6Sundat

Species Breakdown:Skipper Kings, Lakers, Coho

Hot Lure: NBK, Lazer Spook, Emerald NK28 (green, gold and siver?)

Trolling Speed: 2-2.8

Down Speed: same

Boat Depth: 50-160

Lure Depth: 30-90




This was our first time on the lake in a few years, so we used the info gained by reading these posts, and tried to just get something to bite. We didn't care what species. Since people reported catching browns shallow, we setup in 60' and just worked our way out watching the screen amd never made it much past 120'. The first rigger line down popped as I was setting up a stacker, and I figured I just didn't have the release set right, but it was a skipper king on the MK28 Lazer Spook down 20'. At least the skunk was out of the boat! Next fish was a Laker on a NBK on mono dipsy set to 2.5 and back 100 (that's about 30-35' down right?). We caught another skipper king, and missed a few releases after that.

Sunday we started in 80' of water worked out to 160, we marked a few fish out in 150' and managed a few releases, 2 skipper kings, and a 5lb laker. Then we worked that depth for a while in one direction, made a swing back into 70-80', marked a lot of bait for a few minutes, never got a release and eventually continued on. We landed a nice laker where we weren't marking anything, then had an exciting moment on the dipsy out 140' on mono, with a Hawg Wild SD and an Atomik silver hammer, but it got off. THEN....we had our first good ripper of the year on the Spook down 76 in 85' of water. It spooled a bunch of line out, surfaced, ran back to the boat, and when it turned again and started taking line for a second, GONE! Oh well, that was exciting for a bit. Worked that area a little while longer and picked up another 6-7lb laker off the Emerald down 55'.

Never marked anything with consistency, and only about half of our releases came after seeing something on the screen. It is cool to watch them streak up or down and then have a release though (happened a couple times). Will be out again this weekend, trying to make it happen. Thanks to all who post so generously here and I hope that I can return the favor in some way with my info.

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keep trying that hawg wild on the dipsy. i could not keep it in the water last week when out for only a couple hours in the afternoon and landed some really nice coho's and kings. i know of some guys who have done well with it also , it might just be the trick this year.


jakey baby

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