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yamaha 9.9 kicker problem.


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I recently bought a different boat that came set up with a yam 9.9 four stroke kicker, it ran fine for the first couple of trips but on the third trip it cut out after running for about and hour.

I noticed that the primer bulb on the line had been sucked in, I squeezed the bulb a few times and restarted the the motor no problems. After 5 min I noticed a ticking sound coming from the motor and the primer bulb was getting soft. When I squeezed the bulb the ticking sound went away. I was told to replace the check valve in the fuel tank which i did and also replaced the fuel line from the water separator to the kicker because the internal diameter was too small. This really didn't make a difference. My question is has anybody ever had an issue like this and should I replace the fuel pump? or does it sound like a fuel starvation problem.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Replace your primer bulb. Honestly I like walmarts primer bulbs cause they are really stiff and under ten dollars. I have a yamaha 15 hp and bought basspros gas hook up and that bulb was soft and went flat when the motor was running. Walmarts bulb has been working fine since I switched it over. Good luck and I hope this works out for you.

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Yes a bad vent could cause this! Your primer bulb is collapsing because the fuel pump on your motor is sucking it closed, which says its working.( the ticking noise is the pump suffering from severe vacume on the suction side) You have a blocked pickup tube in the tank or a faulty vent system.

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