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sandy creek 6/22 evening

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Jakey Baby





Time on Water:4:30-9:00


Wind Speed/Direction:NE

Waves: 1-2

Surface Temp: low 50's

Location:sandy creek





Total Hits: 11

Total Boated:9

Species Breakdown:king,coho,lake trout

Hot Lure: NBK

Trolling Speed: 2.25-2.5

Down Speed: SAME

Boat Depth: 80-220

Lure Depth: 78-30



Hit the water at about 4:30 pm with some very heavy fog over the lake.Visability was about 100 feet for the whole trip. Set up in 80fow and headed west to find no marks of bait or fish and very cold water. With nothing happening turned to the north and began tohead out.Picked first fish about in 100 fow down 50 on the rigger wich was a lake trout. I stayed heading north and picked up another LT on the dipsey s/d fly combo back 215 feet. Then finally when we hit 160fow water we took our first king on the lead core down 30 feet. That came on a home made orange and chartruse spoon(no name yet but im sure we'll find one).We picked up another king shortley after on an NBK green /black down 78 on the rigger in about 200fow. This telling me the fish were scatered with the cold water.Only marked two bait pods high and one fish all night.Turned back to the south and picked two more small kings a coho and one more LT at all different depths.So all in all 8 fish boated on a evening that you couldnt see 100 foot in front of you not a bad night!!!Good Luck to all!!


-Jakey Baby-


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I was also out of Sandy last night. 10 fish landed, 12ft - 30ft down over 40-50fow. Bait was suspended between 15-25ft down. There was quite a bit of bait out there. Hot spoon was a stingray size Gator which took 7 of the 10 fish. Never moved very far from the creek due to the weather.

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