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Canandaigua 6/22

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Did a half day trip this morning with Chris. Just the two of us so I started running 2 wire dipsies one rigger and one core. Spent a little time not moving rods when the core fired with a nice bow. Switched everything to a rainbow program and hit steady fish for about an hour but they kept getting smaller. Decided to hit the north end and work some lakers on jigs. Action was extremely steady and fast and very entertaining. We were able to hook almost any fish we marked suspended just off the bottom. Sometimes 3 or 4 chasers at a time. Stayed out some extra time as the fishing was just to good to leave. Several rainbows and a fat brown chased the jigs right to the boat! Released everything but one bow that we just could not revive. No big fish today, everything was about 3-4 lbs.



All lakers came in 110 FOW

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Chuck Did u drift when u were jigging or did u use the trolling motor to stay on them.

There was no wind to speak of so we were bouncin around with the bow mount and just hovering over them when we found them.

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Nice job Paul, it's almost torture driving by the lake 2 sometimes three times a day and knowing I have to work the rest of the day :lol: . Oh well my time will come. Nice job on the fish!


PS : I like the website! :yes:

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