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Inline Planer Question

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I am looking for a way to run two more rods off a fairly small boat. There are two riggers but we want to be able to run six rods and not tangle everything up. Can I use inline planers with mono? How would I get any depth behind the board? I don't have any rods setup with copper or lead, and don't think I have any that will hold up to either. We've been using dipsy divers but they don't really go away from the boat like I expected them to. Any suggestions?

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Divers are farther away from the boat than they appear. There is a belly in the line that makes it look like they are almost straight behind the boat, but back a little ways it flares out and the the diver is actually quite a bit further to the side than you might think.

it looks something like this:



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Thanks for the sketch Tim!


I am running them on 2.5 and sometimes 3 with all mono. I'd be running mainly spoons or a SD and fly combo (whatever I hear is working best on the LOU site!) I just want to be able to get six lines in the water without putting the big planer boards out.

Do you guys run planers all year? If it is an effective method all summer long, I wouldn't mind putting the mast back up and going with them....but I know the fishing is deeper in the summer and I don't have any lead or copper to get it down if I put it out on a planer board.

Would it be safe to run a dipsy diver off the side in a rod holder if I have a 4' boom off the same side? It seems like it would be a nightmare waiting to happen.

Also, can I run a copper line on a regular downrigger rod and reel? The ones I have are kind of old, but still work just fine, the problem I see is that they only hold maybe 350yds of 25# mono, so there wouldn't be enough room to put the amount of copper needed to get it down there. Am I right about this?

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I run dipsys off the same side as my 4' boom riggers set at a 45 degree angle relative to the transom. I have never had a problem with a tangle.

I am also now running planers without using lead or copper - I just attach an inline sinker from my mainline to a flouro leader. I don't know how deep that gets me, but it worked for me yesterday!

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