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Favorite spoons by manufactuer (sp.?)

Guest ReelDiel

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Guest ReelDiel

NK: mulatto, glow frog, monkey puke, antifreeze, purple thunder, watermelon

Stinger: NBK, Kevorkian, Wonderbread, glow frog

Billy V: habanero

Silver streak: Chicken wing

Dreamweaver: froggy glow, double orange crush

Fishlander: Yellow ultra glow frog, bloody nose

some of my favs!!! whats yours!!!

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Great topic but now Ive gotta think. Can I pick 2 per mfg?

NK .... black,brass hologram or vampires

Stinger.... Tuxedo or Diehards

Fishlander..... purple yellow frog [barney]

Optimiser.... silver copper black or blue and white

R&R.... grape dot watermellon w/ red hooks or pearl and orange

Williams.... hammered silver copper

Sutton .....88 [bent to run faster]

Poonie.. spotted frog

Tape.... crushed glow

Hooks.... Owner

Line... Andes

Lake... Ontario

Fishing hole... Hughes Marina 77.06

There is another lure mfg. I just cant think of the name right now . they make the crystalina . They make a purple glow also. Could someone help me with the name?

All this will probably change next year.

Depending on water color ,speed. time of day, time of year and whats

out there to fish for. Last year green was a dead color for me.

Year before it was the best.

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Have (had) ;( a couple Silver Foxes. Lost one think it was green and still have a blue. Got them from "Traveler" in the Kingston area a while ago. Don't remember how we lost the other one but thinking it was in a good salmon.

Question is - how do they hold up to those Kings powerful jaws. Never had the chance to put one out again after landing a fish?


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On the pirate, do you like the size 66 best? I want to put some of them in the box. It seemed like you could order the pirate in 66, but not the mirror image. Largest for the mirror seemed to be 55. Was I missing something?



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Last year my hottest spoon was a Savant Jake in the frog pattern. I ran NK's next to it for kings and that little spoon put a whoopin on them. The stinger NBK was a strong producer later in the season.


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