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2002 mercury optimax 135 outboard question...


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I looked up what oil to use for this motor (I want to have a spare gallon on board) and it says to get MERCURY MARINE

Performance DFI Oil

This oil is for 2 cycle motors...I could have sworn this motor was a 4 stroke. Stroke and cycle are the same thing correct??

The guy at west marine told me to get MERCURY MARINE

Precision 4-Cycle Oil.

I really don't want to make a mistake here...haha

Anyone have the same motor, once again it's a 2002 mercury optimax 135 outboard

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UH, I would tow to the local marine and have them go over the correct operation, fueling, oiling, things to check, daily and weekly maintenance, ect if I were you before you do ANYTHING else. Outboards are very expensive to fix......

WITH THAT SAID...............The 2002 Optimax 135 hp is a 2 stroke motor

Please don't take offense to this post, but just check Criegs list, there are literately hundreds of otherwise good boats with junk motors because the owner just didn't know how to take care of his equipment.

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Indian and your manual are correct- Mercury Optimax is a 2 stroke. Take the 4 stroke oil back to West Marine and return it. If you put any of the 4 stroke oil in your reservoir-drain it or pump it out. Sometimes clerks in stores mean well, but just don't have the correct information. Have someone go over your motor who is experinced or at least go over the manual thoroughly. Could save some big bucks.

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FYI : DFI stands for direct fuel injection. That engine is oil injected and direct fuel injected, ( meaning the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber not the intake runner). Its mercs version of the evinrude e-tech, although not as refined. Get the right oil.

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As I mentioned to you...yes 2 stroke, dfi oil only, ( you can use merc "premium plus" oil but only in an extreme bind, due to potential plug fouling). Your idea of keeping an extra is a good one...do not let the large tank on the boat go dry or you will get a warning alarm and have to purge all the air from the motor mounted reservoir.

Change your impeller at the beginning of EVERY season :yes: Dont get them at west marine...in addition to apparently not knowing what they are talking about, they do not carry the genuine merc impeller...do not trust the aftermarket sierras, or others

PM me again any time...I do the work on mine myself (within reason) and have the shop manual too.

Btw Verado is mercs 4 stroke motor.

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