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Your best 4 rod salmon set-ups

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Ok, except for a fruitless trip now and then, I am getting back into this game after sitting it out since early 90's. All this equipment is screaming at me to get it wet again. I'll be with another person most off the time and 4 rods will be used. I have wire dipseys, leadcore, in-line boards and downriggers. Never used copper. I usually drop down 2 riggers with a flasher one side and 2 dipseys. I will need a down-temp unit as I have not seem my Ray jeff in a long time. Thanks ahead for any tips you guys can throw my way.

Roughrider out

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For kings I run flasher and flies off the dipsies and spoons off the riggers , with sliders or cheaters . Sometimes flashers and flies off the riggers with spoons cheated above them.

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