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Skaneateles lake south end access

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Does anyone know if there is a boat launch for a 20 footer, public or private at the south end of Skaneateles other than Sevey's? Someone had mentioned 2 places near the town of Scott last year, and I can't find any information on either.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Yup... that'll take a 20'er...

i just put my 19' in there 2 weeks ago.

I think the place cost 8.00 ...(my friend paid)

you pass by the first launch on your left (free)

cause I was told you need to use a pole to get thru the 'channel'

keep going and you can't miss it...

just gotta be careful cause the dock is at two widths and you kinda need someone to hold boat while you park trailer...

they do not have rubber and bumpers aren't really a good application there.

That is the first place I've seen those surf board paddlers...

must have been 20 of'em... what a sight!!

(you have to click on pic to see some of them)

I got some nice Crappies there



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I thank you both.

My first visit last year to the lake, I headed to Sevey's. Driving down into there with the rig was a real life experience. I don't want to relive.

Funny you mentioned the surfboard paddlers……….we actually seen one up at the North end on Sunday for the first time also.

Those are some nice looking crappies…..what did you get those on? The kids would get a kick out of landing some of those.

Thanks again.

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those crappies were few and far between!!

I LOVE crappies and wouldn't give out my secrets if they were abundant there!! LOL

-they would not take a line w bobber

but hit movement.

but they gotta mouth it for a bit and it was easy to pull it from their mouths......

and miss them.

i used green or orange ice fishing tiny jigs w a fathead

thats how i fish for perch too, sometimes.....

the Rockies put up a nice lil fight for the kids too :)

When I saw about 20 surfboard paddlers for the first time...

I just turned around on the boat and there they were!! a couple hundred feet from me.....

I swear it looked like something outta this world!!

~~~~~ walking on water!!!!

was a sight to be seen!

Have a safe and fun trip...!

The drive down there was fine....

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Thats my neck of the woods. The free launch is not realy free. Its the Scott park and its an honor fee. And I have launched a 22 footer there many times and do so every weekend with a 19. As for the canal its fine motor in 3 feet of water all the way to the point. IF you trim the motor, its better then the hotel launch. My dad beat the hell out of his prop there last year cause he didnt know how the canal was and went to the hotel.

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