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I have a perko dual battery switch on my boat. I wanna hook up 2 mag 10's and a intellitroll. Should I hook them up to battery 1(starter battery) or battery 2(deep cell) or should I wire them to the switch its self. Im really green when it comes to wiring in a boat

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Your grounds on the batterys can be common, you should sepperate the positive, and each should go from the battery to a 120 amp max fuse. From the fuse then they can go to the switch, and from the switch to your starter for your main motor. Then run a fuse box off the 120 amp fuse from the house battery and make all your connections to that fuse pannel/box. One of the best ways to get things right is use one of the "add a battery kits" that Blue sea puts out, the have an ACR build in so charging your main and house batterys take care of themselfs.

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