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Depth Raider Issue

Blue Heron

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Later last summer I installed a depth raider on the small boat . It worked very nice for the first 2 trips I made after install , on the 3rd trip it started losing signal after about an hour but due to the lake conditions we quit shortly there after and that was the last trip for that boat last year.

This year I just started getting out this week and have fished 3 times - all three times the DR has started working great, suddenly lost signal after about an hour, come back online about 10 minutes later, worked for about 30 minutes and then lost signal again, only working if I reach out and 'jiggle' the antenea on the rigger boom after which it will work for about 15 seconds. and no the damp towel trick doesnt work- this pattern has been consistent for each of the 3 trips

On Fri I called Kell while on the water and they said it sounded like an antenea issue and have shipped a new one.

I am a little uncomfortable thinking this is an antenea issue since the unit works fine first thing each trip and then slowly fails - seems more like an issue with something 'overheating'.

While I hope Kell is right I just thought I would see if others have had a similar issue and if so what resolved it


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