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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Bahtenda





Time on Water:6am-4pm

Weather/Temp:Overcast then sunny, had to be in the upper 80's low 90's mid day.

Wind Speed/Direction:a little calming to nothing, then back to a little

Waves: started with a 1' chop, went flat for the rest of the day

Surface Temp:Saw 73.6 pretty consistently






Total Hits: 20ish

Total Boated:11

Species Breakdown:Kings, Steelies, Laker, browns

Hot Lure: NK28 Glo Frog, NBK, Hammer Fly

Trolling Speed: 2.5

Down Speed: n/a

Boat Depth: 170-340

Lure Depth: 30-140




We don't have a probe, so I can't provide down temps or down speed. We use our GPS for speed.

Setup for our best day yet in 190' of water first, and had a double with Brown's before we got the sixth rod in the water, lost the bigger one but boated my personal best brown...(maybe 7lbs?) on the glo frog down 70' on a rigger. Got all the rods down and had a 12" brown hit the same glo frog. Had a skipper king hit a lazer spook down 45' on the same rigger over 220'. Trolled into 180' to see what the party was all about (the few other boats out seemed to be bunched up in closer than we were) and a dipsy rod slammed into the rigger rods and we had a screamer on. Took about 100yds of line and jumped a few times before we had our Skamanian on the boat. It ate a NK28 NBK behind a green glo LJ 8" flasher off a mono dipsy back 100' on a 2.5 setting. Does anyone ever put a spoon behind a SD or flasher? I only had two flies, so I improvised. I had one fly behind a SD tight to the ball on a rigger and the other on the 2nd mono dipsy rod on the other side behind a flasher. We worked in to 170 but had no action so we went back to our 180' mark and stuck around that picking up the remaining fish. After that we picked up a 4-5lb steelhead on a hammer fly off the other dipsy back 140'. Next up was the 70' rigger with the green glo NK28 and we boated our first fighting king of the year, a 6.5lb fish. This fish made a run across the surface when it was dead calm and it was reminiscent of jaws...you could see the fin and tail the whole way across and the line was ripping across the surface! Then, another 6lb king on the hammer fly/dipsy back 140, then a laker on the NBK off the dipsy back 100'. Around 330pm we decided to troll towards the bay. At 4pm in about 140' FOW we lost what I believe was a laker and decided that after we cleaned off all the fleas, it was time to pick up. We had cleared all the rods but the rod at 100 on one rigger and the rod at 45 on the other rigger. At this moment my friend exclaimed..."nice mark at 50" and as we turned around the 45 rod went off...the glo frog. By the time I gained control of the rod, a rocket was launching out of the water about 100' back and we watched the best acrobatics I've seen as I reeled in a beautiful 10lb steelie! We released all but this fish and the 6.5lb king I caught...the king was hooked through the gills and despite a long revival effort I couldn't get the steelie to come around. Hate when that happens.

The fleas were bad, but we still have the 20lb on, no more being lazy for this crew. Does anyone know where I can get a bulk spool of 30# big game around Rochester?



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Steelhead fight so darn hard that most of the time they are spent when they get to the boat. I had a couple this weekend that probably did not make it. 30 pound Big Game will work well. We did not have much problem with the fleas the other day although the lines were never in the water all that long. The fishin has been fantastic. I can't wait to get out again.

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