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Are they finally takin that thing out of here? :shock:

I think we should take it out to 200 fow and sink it. Make a artifical reef? Or

Give the boat to Mythbusters to test out some Titanic myths on?

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now if we could get the city to put a floating aluminum dock parallel to the terminal sea wall, rec boaters would have a nice place to tie up and get a burger, ice cream, use rest rooms, etc.

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A public dock would be a great idea. This coming year there is going to be public trasient docking at the Oak next to the launch ramps on the east side.This past fall they(Idon't know if it was state,town,or county)built a second nice wood platform similar to the exsisting one.I heard the floating dock was going to extend 10ft out from shore and extend down to the old fishing/viewing deck there. I only hope it doesn't take up too much room in the channel. You would think the city would do something with the area since they lured bussinesses there and now there is no ferry.Just my thoughts.

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I sent an e-mail to the deputy mayor this morning. She has already responded and said she will look into my suggestion. Perhaps others who use the port will contact her as well.

Jean Howard's e-mail address is:

[email protected]

Here's a copy of the e-mail I sent to her.

Dear Ms. Howard,

As an avid boater and fisherman for many years, I would like to submit a suggestion that the city look into adding a floating aluminum dock system running parallel to the existing wall along the ferry terminal. This would allow pleasure boaters to tie up safely and securely at the port and have access to the restaurants and services at the harbor and along Lake Ave.

This type of floating dock is modular and designed to be assembled quickly on site. As the City moves forward with port development, the docks can be disassembled and moved to other locations and configurations to accommodate future marina or docking requirements.

This type of dock has been in use at the State docking facility on the Oak Orchard River, Point Breeze, N.Y. in Orleans County for many years,and are also used by private marinas South of the ferry terminal.

I believe that the relativity low cost, long product life, and modular flexibility would make this type of system perfect for port expansion. Free, secure docking WILL bring boaters to the Port of Rochester.

I also sent some pics of floating dock systems.

Merry Christmas to All !! ....................... Jim S.

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Well now that the ferry's out of site (sp), we'll probably wish they had stuck with it because it looks like that was peanuts compared to what this is going to cost:

http://www.rochester-citynews.com/gyrob ... oid%3A4610


Isn't it amazing that the city fathers (or mothers) just don't/won't realize what a world-class fishery is at their doorstep.


Tom B.


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Chris it was about $18,000,000.00 just in the cost of the stupid boat. Plus only our former Mayor knows how many millions in other costs :evil: :evil: :evil: :roll:

Really wish it would have worked out but there was no way. I hate to say it but I called it from day one!


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Believe it or not, they said it’s cheaper to store the boat in Nova Scotia than in Rochester. ($1300 vs $500/day)

Supposedly Euro-Ferries has promised to reimburse the city some of the storage/maintenance costs, however no money has changed hands yet. (not even a down payment)

I’m curious as to how Rochester is going to get out of the remaining 27 yrs on the 30-year deal with Toronto under which Rochester pays $250K/yr for the “privilegeâ€Â

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