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Bear Creek - 7/14 PM

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: pat




Date(s): 7/14

Time on Water: 3.5 hrs

Weather/Temp: Beautiful!

Wind Speed/Direction: Light

Waves: 1 ft

Surface Temp: 74

Location: Bear Creek to Ginna





Total Hits: 7

Total Boated: 7

Species Breakdown: Atlantic, King, Steelhead

Hot Lure: Chartreuse/Orange NK28 w/ charteuse backside, White/Green Polka-Dot Spinny w/ Green Atomic fly

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2.2-2.4 in 45-49F

Boat Depth: 150 - 250

Lure Depth: 80-100 (on slider)



Nothing very large (kings 6-8#, steelhead 6#). Took 4 of the fish on the green/orange NK on the slider with ball at 135-170 in 45-49F. At one point, had small king on the slider along with small atlantic on purple/black NBK at the ball. Beautiful evening even without the fish!


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