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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: FISHIN AGAIN?





Time on Water:5 hours


Wind Speed/Direction: none then lite East


Surface Temp: 73

Location:Creek to Pump House





Total Hits: 16

Total Boated:10

Species Breakdown: King and Steel and Coho

Hot Lure: Green and white

Trolling Speed: 2.8-3.1

Down Speed: Someday

Boat Depth: 120-200

Lure Depth: 30-80


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Had a fun morn. We got lures in the water by 6:30 had 5 fish hit by 7. We had 1 triple and 2 doubles. 3 decent kings up to 20 then dropped one when wire broke after tangle fiasco with steelhead. Hopefully that is my one donation for the year. Big fish came on Dalmation Doctor which is now at bottom of lake. Fishin was real good till about 9 then we picked up a few more hits but only landed a couple more. Wish I could get back out 2nite but oh well. Probably won't get out till end of week. Hope to fish Tourney Sat. if I can get out of work.


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