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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Get Hooked





Time on Water:6 hours


Wind Speed/Direction:light and variable,then turned northeast :no:

Waves: 1 foot or less

Surface Temp: 70's






Total Hits: 25+

Total Boated:17

Species Breakdown:Kings, Coho's, and Steelhead

Hot Lure: Gator Spin Doc / Gator Atomik Fly

Trolling Speed: 2.2- 2.8 SOG

Down Speed: 1.6-2.4

Boat Depth: 100 Fow- 26.5 Line

Lure Depth:40-80

Had the best day on salmon on board my boat so far today. We kept 6 nice kings, three chunky coho's, and a decent steelhead for our clients today. We had 4 guys onboard today, and even though we kept more than a few fish for the table, we also released 7 fish that swam away to get bigger for the coming years. We set up in 100 fow a little west of port, and trolled northwest. It was nice to have a flat calm lake for once, and to be able to pick any trolling direction we wanted. Our best spoons were Stingray, and Pirate Gold and Silver spooks first thing in the morning, off the 120 wire divers, and 50 foot riggers. After our good friend Maniac said he had his gator Spin doc go, on a 140 diver, we parked our gator with an Atomik gator fly down at 60 for the rest of the day on the chute rigger, and that setup found us 4 of our 6 biggest fish of the day. We stayed on the inside waters until the screen changed, then headed out to the 26+ line, and continued a decent bite on Wire divers with spoons out anywhere from 140-180, with the Stinger Stingray Gator, and Tuxedo? taking most of our hits to finish the day. As the Northeast wind came up later in the day, our bite slowed considerably, but our guys had had their fill for the day. Our other spoons that went for us today were NK silver and orange 28's, 42 second gold back NK Mags, and a shiny old silver/chartrusce slammer spoon(probably close to a lemon ice , or yellow Gator). All in all a great day was had by all, and I just hope the Northeast winds don't mess it up for the morning. ( I would post a pic, but you guys don't want to see my clients, with my fish board full of dead Kings :) - Captain Mike

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Great report Mick! Congrats on a nice day out there. We knew you were onto somethin early based on your route! It was really cool when you were takin a picture of Tom's boat and your port diver rod takes a shot!!


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Thank's guys, Saturday was just about as good, with less kings, but we made up for it with Steelhead. the Northeast winds did move cold water in the inside, but it didn't flip. Surface temps remained the same, but it was 45 degrees 50 down in the inside water. All of our fish came up high, with our deepest rig to go being a 50 rigger. Our best salmon of the day actually hit a free slider on the 25 rigger!!!!! Seemed like chartruse was the best that day, with a pirate 44 five of diamonds doing most of our fish up high and back about 40 feet. Lets hope it stays as good as it's been out there.

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Hey Mick, as always, good working with you and Jack. The gator /gator combo was on fire Fri. On Sat it never went for us. Super fishing out there right now !!

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