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Silver Fox Sandy Report 7/16

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This morning we brought my 10 year old nephew to do some derby fishing and though he didn't wiegh anything in, he had a blast! We put 30 fish on and landed over 20 w/ 6 Kings over 20#. The biggest was 23#. I'm pretty impressed how good he's getting at landing these fish. Not many Bows today, but we also got Coho's,Browns,Kings and only 1 laker. :clap: We stayed in 110'-160fow west of the creek. Riggers 45-65' down put most of the fish in the boat today. A few on the mag divers out 120' and only 1 300' copper fish (the 23#'r). The best lures today were by far the DW SS Wonderbread super glow and the Yeck Miami Dolphin super glow. Maybe 6 fish were taken on spinny/flies with the divers & copper.

Good luck and I'll be back in the morning.




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Nice goin. If you see a guy in a 16 foot Sylvan out in the mornin that will b me. I really should not go fishin I have tons to do tommorow but the fishin is just too darn good, Good luck.

THAT WHY YOUR " FISHING AGAIN ?" isn't it :lol::lol::lol:

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