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Fishing Report


Launched early again. Very slight Easterly wind and very clear.


Headed out & just slightly west, putting in at 120FOW & worked out to 210, back & around. Currents & Temp down 70 very stable in the 120-140 FOW range, totally wacky in the 150 range then stable again after 170.

Anyways, first thing was a double of this Laker & a clipped shaker at 125 FOW. Down 70 (LT) and down 50. NK28 Wonderbread & Bloody Blk/Silvr R&R.


Into the stable water and around 190FOW, again down 70 & found this 15# wild one. (Wndrbrd)


Back into 150FOW & 80 down ran into this guy on the R&R. (Bow)


Strange to catch a Bow below a Laker....(Everything released, wild count now stands at 12 out 16)

Thermocline very narrow. 1/4 mph would raise down temp 5 deg. Some boats working off the ponds, looked like most working 90 to 150 FOW. Fleas are now in season.

Off at 10:30. Got warm out there & slight wind shift to NE.

Luck to all,

Tom B.


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