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mercruiser alpha 1 ""HELP""

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Well looks as though my season is over!!!! Took the kids out tubeing Saturday evening and blew the outdrive!!!!!!! :(:@:( !!!!! I have never disassembled one befor to fix it, and the estimates I got are rediculous, so I gues I gotta save a little fortune and buy a whole unit :( . Anyone got a Mercruiser alpha1 they wanna sell dirt cheap, and by dirt cheap I mean REALLY cheap lol. Lesson here is dont go tubeing till youre done fishing for the season :( .

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Thanks to you guys, Hank is definitly the guy for these problems. Talked to him yesterday an going to see him this week. While im thanking people, I wanna thank the guy on, Blood Run, for not hesitateing to tow me and my family back to the dock, and wouldnt take anything for doing it. Thanks to the other boats, sorry I didnt get the names, that came from no where when I hit the radio for assisitance. The kids were haveing panic attacks until boats were comeing from different directions within 5 minutes of makeing the call. Times like that is when you realize some people do give a care about others :yes: . Thanks to all of you

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