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Purple Mirage


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Once again the buzz is about the ATTOMIK Purple Mirage flies. Where the heck can I get some? Do they have them at Captain's Cove or Narby's?

A "purple mirage" is nothing more than a mirage fly with purple/lavender beads. Personally, I like Siggs Mirage, Mirage Crinkle and the Siggs No-See-Um with the lavender beads. Captains Cove stocks bulk Lavender beads from Howie---just saw them yesterday.

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Wow, snub Atomik, no! Must be because Atomik jumped off the ProAm debacle.

It wasn't a snub to Tom at all. The OP asked about the Purple Mirage fly that everyone is talking about and I explained what it was and how to make it. And also where to find it. It actually has nothing to do with Tom at all because the ORIGINAL "purple mirage" is actually an Action Fly from Dreamweaver that was modified with purple beads.

Jeremy.....I think the "purple mirage" that Tom (and everyone else) makes is different from the one being talked about. Correct me if I"m wrong but I think the OP asked about the "Stevens Purple Mirage" that Tom sells which is nothing more than a standard Mirage with lavender beads.

Let's not turn a simple question and answer into a war boys. :devil:

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