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Musky Tourney this weekend

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July 23th & 24th - Chautauqua Lake Tournament

Prendergast Launch Sign up @ 7am to 8 am July 24th.$25 entry and optional $5 for 50 inch pot. There is a $10 additional fee for non-members. Total points per team max. 4 rods per boat. Fish may be witnessed by any tournament participant, 50" pot must be witnessed by someone in another boat. Channel 9 on vfh radio will be used for the tournament

Brought to you by Three Rivers Chapter of Muskies Inc.


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I was just asked if I was going to do it by a guy in PA and that was the first I have heard of it. Cady Weagle's huh? Mark- you try those Weagles at Chautauqua yet? Always done better on the south end for topwaters for what ever reason? Thanks for the link Ray!

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