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Cayuga 7/16

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My buddy Adam and I went out for 4 hours this morning. We got started at 5:30am trolling northbound from Taughannock past the Scout Camp. It was good action from the start -- we could not keep the lines in the water for the first two hours. Among the haul was a trio of salmon 19-22" and we had some heavy, hard-fighting fish hit us (One fish straightened out the ring on my "heavy duty" snap swivel and got away with a favorite spoon.)

We did not catch a single laker this morning, which was odd compared to my typical day using this same basic approach and colors in the same area. Fish hit divers, rigger, and leadcore. Our best lures were purple/black and orange/black. Speed 2.4-2.6 between 200' and 330'.

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