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Bear Creek - 7/19 PM

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: pat




Date(s): 7/19

Time on Water: 4 hrs

Weather/Temp: hazy, mid-80's

Wind Speed/Direction: NE

Waves: 1-2 ft initially

Surface Temp: 75

Location: N of Bear Creek - Ginna





Total Hits: 6

Total Boated: 2

Species Breakdown: Lakers

Hot Lure: White/green polka dot SD + green atomic fly

Trolling Speed: 2.5-3.0

Down Speed: 2.2-2.4

Boat Depth: 85-230

Lure Depth: 40-50



Headed N and found 44F water at 90'. Only 1 hit/miss on our way to 230'. Turned back SW, hooked up with beautiful king in 135' on either rigger (purple clown) or slider (orange/yellow NK) who put on a show, then decided he'd had enough. With water temp at 42-44F, 50' down in 85' water, trolled E-W and got hits/lakers ONLY on the white/green SD and fly on the dipsy 120 out on 2 setting. Game called due to darkness - amazing what wind direction will do to temps on the lake from day to day.


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Nice job Pat. Tried finding those Lakers Saturday. You fish from the lund?


The black spinny with green on one side and crush on the other works well with the Atommik Habanero fly in the evening. Also the B fly glow and Hammer glow should produce for you on white boards. Nk 28 spoons should also produce and add some glow as the night wears on. Start deeper and move in as the night progresses on. Dont head to the dock to early as last light usually produces some big ones.

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Thanks, Andy & Steve, appreciate the tips. That is me (and usually a co-worker or two) in the black Lund. Although I've been at this for about 4 seasons now, this is the first year that we've kept the skunk out of the boat almost every trip, and I attribute that to learning how to use the SubTroll in finding the 40's temps and keeping the speed at the lure right. That or the fish are feeling sorry for me after the first 3 years! Always great advice and feedback on this site, too! Good luck -

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Great info. I know darker colored NK's have been working great for me in the early hours. After it gets bright out I try & switch up to blues, greens etc... without much success. Anyone found any color (besides SD / Fly) works better than others.


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Fished this afternoon 4:30-7:30. 6 for 8

All lakers. 3 over 10 lbs biggest was about 15lbs. Got a mixed bag in same water over weekend ( 90-150). 50-85 down. NK's blue/purple/silver ... Can't buy a bite on green. Steve

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