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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Reel Hooked Up





Time on Water:start 7am done 1130am

Weather/Temp:Dam Hot 90+

Wind Speed/Direction:south/west

Waves: none to less than 1

Surface Temp: 75

Location:two miles west of chute





Total Hits: 25+

Total Boated:25+

Species Breakdown:Kings and Steelies

Hot Lure: Big Weenie Flies

Trolling Speed: 2.3

Down Speed: 1.8 to 2.3

Boat Depth: 200 to 240

Lure Depth: 40 to 80ft



Had some great fishing out of the Oak today with my Daughter, Father, Jason, Scott, and Al. We gt started around 7am and it was non stop till we packed up at 11:30. We caught fish on every rig from 200, 250, and 300 coppers, to 10 and 12 color cores. Dipseys at 140, 170, 200, and 220 were hot, riggers were at 40 and 60ft. Temps were great at 40 to 60 ft down so long coppers could stay in the boat. It was my daughters first time with a big king and she also took her biggest steelie that was around 15lbs. It was all kings and steelies today with the biggest king around 24lbs. Every spoon we put out took fish and the five flasher/big weenie combos we had in the water were hot. Jason will fill you in on the flies, its off to work for me.









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all the fly we used were big weenie....i'm telling you guys the cry baby, skid marks, morning wood and spook are hot flys....anyone fishing the little salmon tourny this weekend should stop in at little jons and get these flys while he has them....thanks for inviting me sean had a blast....

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Nice :yes::yes:

Getting tired of all the lakers in the fingers yet :lol:

I am planning a run to Golden Hills hopefully this weekend or next if the lake and oh yeah ..work allows.

Great pics Sean, the oak is on fire this summer!!

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GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Looks like you guys had a blast .. I'm in NC right now and coming back this weekend and Me and Matt are talking about hitting the Oak up very soon, hope the fishing stays hot til we get a chance to get out there...

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