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Back up to Sodus this weekend. Got here a bit too late to fish tonight, but the forecast looks good for tomorrow.

Instead we went down Rt14 to Lyons to catch a movie at our favorite theater, The Ohman Theater. It's a renovated classic theater. It has all of the old style architecture with modern sound system and digital projection, one of the best setup theaters i've been to. Adults are $6 and kids are $4. Definitely check it out on blowoff days or evenings. Movies are Fri, Sat, and Sun only and they only play one movie a weekend, so call ahead to make sure it's something you want to see. They play new releases only usually.

Tonight's feature is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2... Shhh it's about to begin...





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very nice!

The riggers are usually a bit easier to land, thats surprising he spooled ya

We never even made him slow down lol. A few other guys out here had similar fish on, must be some big fish out there today.

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