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Sandy Creek Shootout Weekend- Legacy Report

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With the Sandy Creek Shootout planned for Saturday, I headed down to the boat late in the afternoon on friday to get the boat ready. I wasnt planning on fishing but I was inspired by the amount of activity in Sandy Creek on a friday afternoon. From dockside I saw alot of guys, that were fishing in the tourny, headed out or headed in from prefishing. So we left port and headed out to "spot" check some water. We motored to Devil's Nose and setup in 50fow and trolled north in search of a screen. We found some active fish, a mix of bait, good hooks in 90- 120, and a down temp break in 130 fow and so we knew what our starting spot would be saturday morning. Plan A. We headed north looking for a deeper screen and found it between 180- 240fow. Some fish and zero bait but either way we had a Plan B. We tested a few baits in the process of looking at water and couldnt keep the 300' Blood Run copper with a Spin Doctor and a martini fly in the water.

Saturday morning we left the dock at 445, headed to our water, setup, and trolled it west to Eagle Creek. The screen was almost void of big hooks and bait but we worked what we did have for half the morning. Not till the sun came up did the action improve. Fighting through the dinks on the riggers (loaded with NK mag Spoons), we did managed to put a couple of fish in the box including an 11#+ Steelhead (fish #1) and a couple of small Kings. 140' divers and 300' coppers with SD/fly. The lack of big fish forced us out to look at different and deeper water. 220 fow (fish #2) and 185 fow (fish #3) both put teen Kings in the cooler for us but the choice to pound waypoints proved again to be a mistake. A concistant big fish bite was no where to be found for us. Late morning I made the decision to move back in and drop in the shallow water again for another look. We could maximize our fishing time, hopefully find our screen from the night before, and take advantage of the late morning bite. We managed to find our best screen of the day in 85- 100 fow and pulled a 27# King (fish #4) from that water. Spin Doctor and flies were the ticket for us today. The BR 300' coppers were both pulling gator SD w/ Martini flies. The diver were pulling Captain Valium SDs with Legacy Flies. The riggers took 3 good hits (which I personally dumped) off the riggers off a NK mag green/ glow alewife along with a few Steelhead and alot of dinks. We had 35-40 total hits so the fishing for the most part was great.

The weigh in resulted in Team Legacy in third place (with 70# of fish and 110.5 points) following Team Yankee Troller in 2nd and Team Trout-n-About in 1st.

Team Legacy


Atommic Big Salmon winner 26.9# King




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Great job with the big king of the day and a great box all together! Plus thanks for all the hard work you put into this tournament to make it such a blast. Cant wait till next year.


-Jakey Baby-

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