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How much Thrust?


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I have a 17' boat with an eight foot beam. My weight far exceeds yours with people and gear. I use my Minn Kota 55# bow mount mostly for vertical jigging. This motor will hold my boat in 20+mph winds without much problem. I get better battery life than my motorguide I used to have and I like being able to position the foot pad anywhere in the boat. Top speed moving is 2mph in low wind conditions. If your looking to cover ground I would definately go bigger. If your just looking to cover smaller areas the 55# motor will work. Just for referance my boat and motor only is about 1400.

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I would go with the 55# It will rip your boat right around. My dad has the same thing and about the same weight. He is very happy with it. I on the other hand have a 18ft fiberglass boat thats a lot heavier and I chose to go with the 80# minn kota power v2 and the thing will dam near knock me off the boat when I go to side to side when its turned up. :rofl: They don't make the 80lber anymore.

Now I am very happy with the minn kotas as far as performance and easy operation, but longevity is another story :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@ I am $%^*pissed at minn kota. I bought the 70lb version for another boat I had 3 years ago and I got 2 month out of it before it stopped working. Returned it to cabelas and got a full refund. It was the end of the season ;) The following season I bought the 80lber and used it a lot the last 2 years but I tried using it this May and it is now a dead unit not under warranty. :@ I am not really a fan of any other brands but minn kota so I don't really know if I want to purchase another one or not.

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