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I-Bay Saturday 7/30/11

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Fishing Report

Chris / Liv n' Ellie:




Date(s): 7/30/11

Time on Water: 6 AM - 10 AM

Weather/Temp: sunny

Wind Speed/Direction: NW

Waves: 2-3'

Surface Temp: 70's

Location: I-Bay





Total Hits: 12-13

Total Boated: 6-7

Species Breakdown: all kings

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2.5

Boat Depth: 130' - 280'

Lure Depth:




Fishing was slower for us today compared with previous weeks - but we still had a blast on the water. As expected the best temps were deeper after the NW wind yesterday. We had 41 degrees down about 90-110' on my Subtroll so we started in 130' and worked north, starting just due north of I-Bay. Almost immediately we had hits and it was steady until about 8:30 AM when it shut right off for us. The best water for us was 150'-170', on a West troll into the waves. We slid out to almost 300' after we fought a nice fish for about 10-15 minutes but it was barren out there for us for about an hour so we trolled south back in to 150' and the screen looked better and we managed two more fish before we pulled off the lake.

We had a hard time keeping fish on today, lots of head shakes and we wound up losing more than we landed. This was not from dull hooks either - some of the rigs we lost fish on were brand new hooks I tied last night. It was all kings for us, and our biggest fish is pictured below (27# at the dock). We threw all back except the biggest king b/c it was spent after a 30 minute battle on the copper.

Fish hit Familiar Bite herring strips in a Rhys Davis clear baithead behind a green tango chain and a white on white 10" Spinny on wire out 250'. We also had hits on rigger (95' down NK 42 sec mag spoon and stinger NBK), white/green dot Spinny/Atomik green hammer fly (85' rigger) and of course 600' coppper.

Biggest fish were on 600' copper (see the kind below) pulling a 42 sec flasher.fly combo

Good Luck to all,

- Chris


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Pardon my ignorance but what is I bay? What is a closest town and boat slip?


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i-bay=Irondequoit Bay. It is north of Rochester, NY, and the bay borders the towns of Webster and Irondequoit. There is a county operated launch on the NW corner(Irondequoit), and a privately owned launch on the NE corner with limited parking.

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That's a beautiful fish you got there Ny your shouler. The size of fish shoulder is even more amazing.

I will he taking the kids out Tmw with some bribes to get em on board.

With your outstanding report, it will help me convince My own children that we can catch dome fins.

ou are the I bay king. I bow to you.

Tight lines.

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