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Bear Creek report 7/30 w/question

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:7-11


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 1-4

Surface Temp: 73

Location: off the creek





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated:1

Species Breakdown: 1 skipper

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:2.4

Boat Depth: 70-350

Lure Depth:




Have to report the good and the bad. We could not find cold water. At one point we had 72 down 90. Question, this is my first year using down temp, is it common to lose temp after 80-90 ft of water? BTW, I'm using a depthraider. Also, I've always been skeptical where my rigger ball is showing on the graph. They always seem to line up with the graph. If the ball is 85 than the rigger shows around 80 on the graph. Today we had some major blow back and yet the ball and counter were very close. Shouldn't they be off?

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When I talked to you on the phone today, I told you we had 41-43 degrees down between 90 and 110 feet (on my rigger counter with significant blowback). I could not see my cables on my graph so I'm not sure what the exact depth was.

I have a Subtroll, but my guess is that you were losing your signal down there and that's why it was reading 72 degrees (or possibly you have a bad battery or faulty probe)

- Chris

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John -

Like Chris, I have a Subtroll, and usually you can watch the temp drop as the depth increases. The more experienced guys know more about this than I, but I've watched temps at 45-50 slowly rise as I trolled in a given direction at the same depth (I assume it was currents of a different temp), then return to the lower temp as I continued on. The only time my probe started acting strange was due to the need for a new battery. Good luck!


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Chris and Pat,

I should have mentioned that occasionally the temp went down to 60-65 but today it hung in there mostly at 70-72 from 70-90 ft down. If the probe loses signal then the screen goes blank. I guess it was just plain warm. That blow back confuses me though because I really never lose the ball on screen.

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John, I have a depth raider. With all probes that use the coated cable to get the signal up to your antenna it is very important to reduce signal loss. You must minimize exposed metal between your probe and the antenna. Make sure you don't have missing coating on your cable. Cover the connection from the probe to the cable with waterproof insulating tape. Surround your antenna with cotten cloth ( a discarded t-shirt )and get it wet when you lose signal. I usually have good signal to 100 feet, if I wet the cloth, I get another 10 or 15 feet. Just wetting the antenna without cloth works but only as long as it is wet. John

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I don't know much about the depth raider but blowback I can help with. My sonars tranducer is tilted slightly forward, simply put, I do not want to mark my rigger weights. I know where they are, the rigger counters work fine. The sonar will only tell you how much cable is out, not the running depth. the transducer shoots a cone, this is why fish look like an arch... you can draw this on a piece of paper. use a wide cone of 45degrees. a fish at 100 ft will not show up at 100 ft when it enters the cone, but more like 110 or 115 ft. because the outside edge of the cone is futher. yu can measure it on the paper. remember, your rigger weight is actually a pendulium. If you are stopped and send the ball down 100 ft. now you start trolling. it is still 100 ft from the boat, even if you power up, the ball is still 100 ft. The fish does not move, but the boat and cone does, and so does the distance from the transducer. When the fish is straight under the boat, that is the true depth.

Hope this helps

Capt. Dave

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