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Fishing out of Union Springs ?

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I live in Marcellus & have been fishing Owasco for the last few years, I feel it's time to head west as Owasco has really slowed down the last couple of years. Can and one tell me if the north end of Cayuga out of Union Springs is decent fishing for lakers etc.? Time wise it's a 45 minute ride from home which is just right. Any help would be appreciated. Gary

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Yes,I keep my boat in Frontenac harbor and fish down near Aurora quite often (About a 20 minute cruise for me) and we do well on Lakers and even get a nice Brown or Landlock once in a while. This morning the Lakers were hitting on fluorescent green chartreuse spoons at 65 ft in 110 feet of water and on F/F mag Dipsy (same colors) set ups out 180 Good Luck

If you are launching your boat I would suggest going an extra 10 minutes south to Long Point State Park. Great Facility and you are really close to deep water and good fishing. Good Luck

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