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Pike and muskie fishing Lake Nipissing, ON - boat advice?

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We are planning a trip up north mid-September. Fish targeted are Pike and Muskie. I went up there 7 or 8 years ago with my father and did some fishing. He's not much of a fisherman, but he would like to go out with us a bit. Trouble is, he has knee problems and getting in and out of a boat can be quite a task. I am considering a pontoon boat as an option, as it should be comfortable for him and easier to get in and out of. Trouble is, I've never been on one, so I dont' know, plus I want to make sure that it will be suitable for our fishing, which will be both casting and trolling. I worry about trolling with a pontoon boat, and I worry about actually landing a good size fish from one. Is there a platform on the back where you can get close to the water? Can you troll effectively out of a pontoon boat?

There are some resorts that also have standard Princecrafts with captain's chairs that also might work for us.

I would appreciate any advice on the boat issue and any recommendations on resorts to look into. We would be staying 4 nights. I am leaning toward something on the south or west ends to be fairly protected in case we get some wind.

Any other advice on spots closer to us (from Rochester) that would offer good quantities of pike and muskie is welcome.


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Try the French River Lodge. It is West of Nipissing on the French River. I have stayed there for years. They rent out 16' Lunds w/ 25 Mercs. If you do go up there at the time you are talking, hit Crombie Bay. many 58 - 60" muskies are taken in this area each fall. Last time I was up there, a guy braught in a 59" musky. The thing was huge. The northerns and walleyes are all over the place up there. September is the best time to find slob walleyes up there. Good luck.

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Hey Gambler....I'm another French River lodger!

Boats are still lunds, but they have upgraded to 4 stroke electric

start hondas. We've went a bunch of times in the 80's with my father's

group, and have now gone every May since 1995.

They are figuring on tearing down Cabin 3 (closet to the lodge) due to

Ontario water/septic regs.

Crombie Bay is pretty good some years for pike, but this year it was up

in the Fraser Bay area that was the best. Boated over 250 northerns, 6 guys, 3.5 days. My brother got a 48" muskie in Thompson Bay in one of

the cuts that connects to the run to Crombie Bay, and he got a 9lb

'eye casting on the edge of the S turns.

With all the great fishing that I get to do here on Erie, on western

LO and in South Carolina, I'd have to say that the French River is my



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Thanks to you both for the advice. I am looking at a lot of lodges up there, and my father and I did stay two nights on the last trip out on the French. It is beautiful. I will check the lodge you recommend.

I don't think a 16' boat will be enough to fit the three of us comfortably, though, so I need to keep that in mind.

Thanks again.


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Times Two,

Next time you go up there, fish the back side of Ox island on the drop off with riggers. I troll through there very day I'm up there and murder the big eyes. The big open bay behind Ox island is great for rigger fishing also. The eyes are suspended on bait 25 - 30' down over 35 - 120 FOW. I have caught multiple 8 lbers. on the back side of that island.

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