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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:pat/lund





Time on Water:4.5 hrs

Weather/Temp: sunny/low 80's

Wind Speed/Direction: W, 8-10?

Waves: 1'

Surface Temp: 75

Location: N of Bear Creek





Total Hits: 1

Total Boated: 1

Species Breakdown: Atlantic

Hot Lure: None (purple NBK)

Trolling Speed: 2.7-3.2

Down Speed: 2.2-2.5

Boat Depth: 130-330

Lure Depth: 70-160 (+ sliders)



Went out at 0530 this AM all charged up after reading Chris' report on I-Bay from yesterday! Tried numerous spoons (on the riggers) and F/F combos (green polka dot, white on white, chartreuse SD's and E-chips; hypnotist, hammer, mooneye flies) on the wire dipsies, but couldn't buy a hit. Caught (dragged) one small Atlantic on the purple NBK on the rigger down 160 (45F temp) over 190, but that was it. Marked several between 70-80, but water temp there was in the upper 50's - loe 60's. Swapped spoon colors several times. Saw a few other boats out in the vicinity - anyone have any luck or other recommendations when nothing seems to be working? Thanks!


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I went out of Hughs just to the east of you this am and fished 90 to 130 fow. Took my dad and mom out for their yearly trip and had a very good morning. Purple glitter R&R mupped down 70' and stinger alwive mag. down 90 took shots on the riggers. Carmel dolphin and a black spin doctor with glow tape and green dots took shots on the wires out 220 and 260. Lost a few majors and boated a few with a nice brown to boot. Ended up 5 for 12 or so. Bite died for us about 9am.

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Fish the marks. If you were seeing them 70-80 down, then run some stuff up in that water, temperature be damned. 160 down is crazy deep, and with anything less than a 15 pound ball I doubt you got that more than 110 down unless you were crawling. Also, a salmon doesn't mind temps in the low-mid 50s, even though he likes upper 40s better. I just about never fish deeper than 120 down.

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