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Can anyone tell me when the best time is to use J Plugs?

From now till the end of October when the Kings are running the creeks, Fish a green #4 ladderback or a #4 crome bloodynose

and don't worry about temps as the run gets further along it doesn't matter to them. The spawn has them in 68-70 deg. water

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You can run them as you would any other lure. Riggers divers, cores. I run the 10 to 15' above the marks on th ff because the dive some. Very deadly lure with explosive hits.

J plugs were tops for salmon before meat and flasher flys came along.

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Many years ago when I had a 14' vhull with a 9.9hp and small down riggers we went out of the Salmon River in early Oct. Fish were jumping all around us. We put some Jplugs on the riggers about 5' down in only 10'-15' of water. Unfortunately I only had those squeeze type releases on my riggers. The fish would hit the jplugs so hard my motor would actually sputter. We didnt boat a single fish but we must have had 10 hook ups. It was a blast.

Believe it or not, over the winter months we used to catch lakers using Jplugs at 90' down. Have not tried that in many years cause I just got another boat this spring but we used to get some good lakers on those big plugs.

Does anyone use them with flashers? Also do you use them when the fish are still in open water or only pre run?

Thanks, Jeff

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