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End of my reports this year - due to broken bones

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chris,i feel your pain.about eigth yrs back i feel about 12 ft off a ladder while installing some ductwork for the hvac co.i was working for.complete rotator rebuild,etc.out of work and out of fishing for almost 3 months.

anyways good luck with the surgery and recovery and be sure to do what your physical therapist tells you to do...no cutting corners and you will be good to fish next season.

take care and best wishes! :yes:

mike m

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Well, at least you can still walk.....Really too bad that happened! :(:( Maybe you could break with a cane pole and do some panfishing for the really decent perch that are being caught from the Charlotte pier. They are awful tasty! I have been in life threatening and temporarily disabling injury situations more than once in my life and one thing is for sure...You'll get over it and heal up before you know it. Just keep up a good mental attitude (don't let discomfort, boredom or self pity bring your heart and mind down) and your body will fix itself up just fine! Stiff upper lip and get back to fishin' reel soon. Good luck!!

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Chris--I won't be able to screw up until you are better--- who would fix me? I might have tools in my shop that you don't--to fix you. Coffee or Tea? Latex or Nitrile? Call and Reeljerks and Kingme will load you in the Rampage---After your ribs are better so we can make you laugh--- don't forget--you are still good for 2 rods! I still owe you and your brother for that search day. Call if you need anything----Rich

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Guys you are all so kind - I cannot thank you enough for all the good laughs (BTW it takes me like 5 minutes to type these messages one handed b/c of all the typos)...lol.

Surgery is scheduled for Monday AM - the doc said nothing more than a coffee cup in weight for my left hand for 12 weeks. However, what he doesn't know is my coffee cup holds 128 ounces, which is about 8 pounds....and that's much less than a rod/reel....lol.

All jokes aside, Pugsley's is pulling my boat out for me free of charge - I want to thank ALL of you for all the offers to help out with my rig and all the offers to take me out.

Man, you guys are so freakin' special......

Be safe out there - I'll be watching this site closer than ever before the next few weeks b/c I still feel like part of the action,

- Chris

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