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Cayuga 8-5 evening


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Kade & I ran up for a quick trip after work. Got on the water @ 6:30pm and ran up to the scout camp. Kade wanted to run all f/f so we set up with sd and flies on the dipsy rods and one rigger, put a grease trap down on the other rigger. Started with dipsys out 180' and 200', riggers at 65' and 75'. Got everything set up and swung into 80' fow, well, that was the plan, except my judgement was off a little and we swung in right on one of the long points, drug the shallow dipsy for a while. Just as we got it back up off the bottom it fired, laker @ 4lb. Released it, got rod reset, and 65' rigger pullin' grease trap 8' off the ball pops. I grabbed it and handed it to Kade. He reeled down on him and started squealing "Get the net!!!!Get the net!!!" I thought...hmmm...good laker. A few minutes later, this guy comes out of the water like a missile. Thought Kade was gonna pee his pants. :lol::lol: Wanted to get him back in the water as quick as possible, so didn't get a weight, but, biggest to date on our boat. :yes: Fished 'til dark without movin' another rod, but I'll take an evening like that anytime.



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Great job :clap: Great to see you teaching the boy about catch and release. Think how big that fish will be the next time someone catchs him. I think Cayuga lake is turning into a trophy fishery and you see more and more people releasing the bigger fish. We love to eat fish but try to keep fish that are hooked deep or smaller lakers. We put all the rainbows back even during derbys unless it would be a top money fish. We have had very good release rates with unhooking them at the side of the boat. We have a Boga style grip that works well for us if we want to get a quick pic. What helps with this style of landing is the heavy pound test we use on our spinny flys. We grab the spinny insert grib and unhook. It might be hard to do on a rigger fish with light line. See ya on the lake! Wes

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Nice fish Kyle. :yes:

Irish 56, I'm suprised you got anything today, I know who you had on the boat. :lol:

Scott - he was behind the wheel when we had a four rod fire drill. When it was all said and done he tells me we had slipped from 100 fow into 50 fow, everything was down at least 55 - 60 :o He tells me he knew we had drag 'em up.

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