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Helluva fish Todd! Congrats! Didn't realize you were fishing a derby when you sent the pic...way to go! Ever since I gave you a few of those Rockets you're like a wild man with them :D They are great paired up with Big Weenie meat rigs. I'm really liking the new chrome meat rigs Big Weenie came out with this year. When running MC Rockets in the whole bait heads.....I just stuff a little cotton in the head to fill the void...it helps keep the Rocket snug and in tune, plus you can scent the cotton.

I will be introducing Jason to Rockets in a few weeks when we start LOC fishing. I know he already has plenty of BW meat Rigs. Maybe you can get out on the water with us one day when I'm up there. I have a few things I'd like to show you ;)

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thanks all

was the hi ho silver rocket

yea rod i really appreciate the chance to sample these rockets.... i never ran many meat rigs before but am enjoying the success with these

13 fish and counting on the crazy fish... (multiple fish helps offset the cost....lmao )

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