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just wondering every ones thoughts on a 19' old pen it is a 69 with a 120hp I/O. I will be fishing lake ontario only with it and I will also be trailering it. I am new to the I/O motors always had outboards and would like to know what every one thinks of theme any info you have would be great :lol: I should be going to lkook at her this weekend

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Dear RM 77, My first salmon fishing boat was a 1966 19' PY. I believe they called the model "Imperial". I had to rebuild the entire boat including replacing the floor and long grain balsa core. (That was in 1978!) I find it hard to believe there are a few running. These early outdrives (Mercruiser) had some problems with longevity. Parts are hard to find and not in very good condition. Be carefull and check the steering cable closely. AND everything else!

This was the most economical trolling machine that I ever owned. Great on the big water and survived several big blows!! Excellent in four footers, but head seas produced lots of green water over the bow! If this boat has been kept indoors and taken care of, you will have a fine fishing machine. BUT do look over all mechanical and wiring before venturing out into the Great Lake Ontario!....Sincerely, Jet Boat Bill

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