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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and wanted to say hi. I have a 17ft boat with a 9.9 kicker and fish out of Oswego mostly. I used to troll a lot for salmon about 10-11 years ago starting around Labor day and used to do pretty well with dodgers and cut-bait as well as J-plugs. I want to get back into it again but it looks like things have changed a bit. Nobody uses cut-bait and the salmon are "in" in August. Is that correct? I did purchase some Spin doctors and some Atomik Flies, but I would say I'm pretty "green" with all this new stuff. I have 2 easy-troll downriggers on my boat and 2 dipsey diver rods. Any help or advice at all to get me back "in the game" would be greatly appreciated.



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Welcome Jack.

The stuff that used to catch Salmon for you will still take them today.

Cut bait is still responsible for taking big Kings every year and there are days my dodgers out produce my flashers.

J-plugs are responsible for killing many Salmon each year.

The fish are still the same. Find out what they want to bite and give it to them.

Conditions will dictate where they are and if they stick around, and how long they stage in front of the rivers.

A variety of trolling flys, for running behind the dodgers and flahers, is a deadly addition you might want to consider.

Again they have there days. Somedays they want spoons and plugs, others they want the attractors and flys.

Despite what you might hear, all the major brands of flys will catch fish.

There will be days your divers are going better than the riigers and others it's the opposite.

There is a wealth of good information on lure and color selection here on this site.

Read through the recent reports and tackel and techniques section to get a general idea of whats catching fish and how it's presented.

And no there are still no magic lures on the market.

Good luck.


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Welcome back, Jack! Dittos to what the other guys have said about the value of this forum - incredible honesty and timely, helpful reports, day in and day out. The only thing I can add that's made a (+) difference in my results this season is having purchased a temp/speed probe last fall. The experienced guys can tell what speed their lure is at from the angle of the rigger and the bend on the dipsy - I couldn't, and needed the technology to help me out. That information, along with the daily feedback from other members as they report on their locations and techniques, has made a huge difference in the experience this year. Best of luck as you get back into it - remember to "pay it forward" on this forum!


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