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Erie- Wd's?


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geese john cant i have some fun?

PA's" thin fins " have some good action but the paint dont last many fish..

PS. Capt. John is one of the better charters outa dunkirk so ya can depend solid on his post...If Alabi would loosen his lips their would be a few less walleye in erie too.

But them fish can shut down and turn on quicker than a light switch..

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No sir,work has been nuts,heading to cape cod monday for 2 weeks, ive gotta squeeze a 2 day trip when i get back,Ill hit the normal spots VB,MTNS,and a couple honey spots iv got saved .It amazes me how a 1/4 mile hole holds nice fish every year. Ill give ya a beggin call if I look like im bringing home more worms than fish.. :(

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Enjoy the cape!

Working through an engine issue right now....story later....then we head to

the Oak for a few days. Should be back in the slip in Dunkirk by the 26th.

When the wind has allowed (lately) we've been getting some fish.....


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