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How to use a wire rod?

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You don't need a huge reel for a wire rod, but you do need a line counter. I use Okuma Catalinas 25 size, they hold 1000' of 7 strand 30# nicely.

Copper and lead core is a different story, lead is color coded every 10 yards, copper is a known length. You do need a large reel for the line capacity.

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Yes they are but a just had the clicked break on one that is 4 trips old. My sealines are going on 5 yrs with no problems. I do still like those 30's though

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Had the same thing happen on a brand new one first trip out. It is those cheap plastic gears. I called the company, they made it good and said they had been having a buch of calls. The replacement they send was brass. Just got a couple sealines for a good price off craigslist. Nice reels.

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