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REAL NICE custom made spoon holders BUILT VERY GOOD!

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Hello to all. I have 30 spoon holders for sale. These are custom built for me and to my specs. I have 15 on my boat and I love these things. Many great features are black heavy guage closed cell foam not the sponge like crap on many holders. A wooden stiffner that can handle a full load of magnum spoons. 3 grommit holes for your hanging needs. One loop in the center.

Cost on these are $24.00 a piece and these are bigger and better built than the Amish lure holders.

Shipping is extra and depending on how many you want.

A special buy!! Buy 5 get them for $100.00

You can go to my web site if you like.

or e-mail me at [email protected]

thanks Capt. Rick



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